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Did you know that when metal rusts, it can EXPAND  UP TO 10 TIMES ITS ORIGINAL SIZE?
This is what causes the surrounding area to crack, creating structural damage.

Rusting rods r



Left = new lintel / Right = rusted lintel

Finding the right cause:

It’s important to determine the correct cause of any cracking as a first step to any remedial action.
Once the cause is known, a plan and proposal can be provided to rectify and repair.
Without determining the cause, any “repair” is simply a patch up or “quick fix”.

Causes of cracking: 

Here’s a list of potential causes of cracking, with some images demonstrating causes:
Tree roots, Shifting foundations, Subsidence, Vibration, Impact, Rusting metal

Brick wall crack

Cause = tree roots






Severe Internal Cracking

Cause = subsidence








Internal crack

Cause = vibration






Crack impact 1


Crack impact

Cause = impact







Crack Repairs

Cause = rusting metal

Lintel replacement

Cause = rusting metal







A lintel is a horizontal beam, used to give structural strength and support around openings such as doors and windows. Lintels can either consist of metal, concrete or wood – and all are subject to decay.

 Procedure for lintel replacement:

The opening is supported structurally before cutting out the existing lintel.
Galvanised lintels are used to replace the rusting or cracked lintels which ensure the problem does not re-occur

Crack Repairs stages

Crack Repairs stages

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