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Considering Mortar Pointing Services in Perth? Contact Federation Tuckpointing for Exceptional Quality and Fair Prices.

Stone isn’t the only thing fretting at your house. You’ve recently sought mortar pointing in Perth, wanting to repair those crumbling joints. The price quotes prove all too shocking, however, and the services prove lacking.

Federation Tuckpointing wishes to change this. Through our extensive mortar pointing procedures – which address issues caused by weather conditions, water damage, and improper masonry mixes – we restore your home (and your sanity). Since 1987, we’ve served the Western Australian community, delivering a series of effective, proven methods:

  • Analysis of Brickwork.
  • Mortar Mix Creation (as directed by the Australian Standard AS3700).
  • Vacuum Grinding (reaching a depth of 10-mm t0 20-mm).
  • Mortar Injections (as applied by gun, rather than trowel).

Federation Tuckpointing believes in quality craftsmanship. This is why our mortar pointing services in Perth adhere to only the highest standards, ensuring efficient finishes and long-lasting results. Our experienced team applies precision and care to every task.

They also apply smart pricing, offering: free initial quotes, project-based rates (rather than hourly ones), and no up-front payments requires. All invoices are instead made upon competition. This allows our customers to focus on their brick needs instead of frustrating costs.

Through this combination, we provide superior mortar pointing services in Perth, helping you transform your home from saggy-walled to spectacular. To learn more about our process – or to schedule an appointment with one of our craftsmen – contact us today:

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