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Brick & Mortar Repairs

* Mortar pointing / Re-pointing
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* Brick Replacement

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seamless mortar pointing

“The most difficult aspect of re-pointing is in matching the existing mortar colour & joint” says Company Director Nigel Graham.
“The most expensive is having to fix prior poor workmanship”. 

Our teams use a mortar mix as specified by  Australian Standards  and are experts at matching the existing mortar colour and joint as closely as possible.
This is a KEY DIFFERENCE to the end result and is also why you would pay a little more for this standard.
If you’re not worried about the new mortar matching the old, BE SURE TO LET US KNOW, AS THIS WILL BE CHEAPER FOR YOU.


Fretting mortar

Fretting mortar

Re-pointing is carried out when the existing mortar joints have broken down and started to crumble, causing holes in the brickwork which can lead to structural damage and cracking.

A combination of extreme weather conditions, excess moisture (often from sprinklers or watering systems) and a weak mortar mix causes masonry work and mortar to break down (fret) and fall out . Both bricks and mortar are subject to “fretting” or crumbling.


Pointing by others

Pointing by others example

Remember that you usually get what you pay for.  Poor repointing is obvious even to the untrained eye and adds difficulty and therefore time and expense to correct and have your home looking great again.
Mortar colors vary as much as brick colors, so matching the existing mortar of your home as closely as possible, is an art in itself and is key to a great end result.
Federation Tuckpointing’s® team pride themselves on being the “best in the business” when it comes to matching mortar colors.



Gun-injected joints before trowling off

The section of affected mortar is ground out to a depth of 10-20mm using a vacuum system.

We use our own specially modified caulking guns to inject new mortar into the brick joints, which are then finished off to match the existing style as closely as possible. There are a couple of different methods of applying mortar between the bricks.  Our teams have been trained to use caulking guns to inject the mortar as opposed to the more traditional use of a trowel, as our experience demonstrates this is the most efficient method and provides the neatest finish!  It also saves getting mortar over the face of the bricks, which then requires cleaning.

Brick Replacement

Fretting bricks

Fretting bricks

Bricks themselves are also subject to decay.  When this occurs, the bricks need to be replaced.

The key factor here is in matching the existing bricks as closely as possible.

Federation Tuckpoiting® have developed a fool-proof method of ensuring you get the best possible match of your bricks.

Limestone Re-Pointing

Limestone decay

Limestone decay

Limestone and limestone joints are also subjected to the elements and therefore decay.  Again, if left untreated structural damage can result.

If your limestone is looking a little worse for wear, we can bring it back to life!

limestone_b limestone_a

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