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All Crack Repairs

* Brick & Limestone Crack Repairs
* Structural crack repairs
* Lintel Replacements
* Internal crack repairs
* Crack Stitching
* Plaster / Render crack repairs
* Retaining walls
* Insurance work
* Invisible crack repairs

What would be worse – a bad crack or an obvious looking repair?

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Brick & Limestone Crack Repairs

cracked pier rusting pole before look

See GALLERY for after shot

We can fix and repair any type of crack in brick or limestone.
There’s various causes of cracking and it’s important to DETERMINE THE CORRECT CAUSE as a first step.
Once the cause is known, a plan and a proposal can be provided to rectify and repair.

See our fact sheet for a list of possible causes of cracking

If you’re not too concerned about the overall aesthetic, make sure you let us know as this will make the job considerably cheaper to fix.

Check out our gallery for our”Invisible Crack Repair” examples

Structural Crack Repairs / Lintel Replacement

The majority of crack repairs we do result from rusting lintels or rusting metal ties.

A lintel is a horizontal beam, used to give structural strength and support around openings such as doors and windows. Lintels can either consist of metal, concrete or wood – and all are subject to decay.

Crack Repairs

Rusted lintel

Lintel replacement

Rusted lintel








Internal Cracks

Internal cracking

Internal cracking

Cracks in internal walls can also be repaired and remedied by our multi-skilled tradesmen.

Internal plaster repair work is always left ready for painting by others.



Crack Stitching / Helifix Crack Repair Systems

Authorised Installers

FedTuck Authorised Installers

Federation Tuckpointing® are Authorised Installers of the Helifix Crack Stitching Systems

Cracked masonry is best stablised by bonding stainless steel bars into appropriate joints across the cracks.
We use a purpose built Helifix system to do this.

Helifix supplies a comprehensive range of products to enable repairs and stabilisation in many forms.

These remedies are effective and permanent, enabling enough flexibility to accommodate natural building movement.

Other structural faults such as wall bowing and rusted wall ties are also solved with the use of this system.

Click here for more information on Helifix – Link to Helifix website

Render crack

Render crack

Plaster / Render Crack Repairs

Render can be used to “hide” a multitude of sins, from general brick decay to more severe structural issues.

Our skilled tradesmen, can not only repair the crack, but match the existing render finish and leave the area looking like new.


Insurance Work

Damage over garage door caused by rusting metal

Concrete lintel damage caused by rusting metal – over garage door

 Dealing with Insurance companies is nothing new to us.

If you’re planning on claiming your work through insurance, please let us know.  We can bill the insurance company directly once they’ve approved our quote.


Crack Repairs 1 pic

Federation Tuckpointing® Invisible Crack Repairs


Invisible Crack Repairs

Our multi-skilled tradesmen are often described by our clients as being more like “fine craftsmen” for the repairs they do on a day to day basis which is why we call this service “INVISIBLE CRACK REPAIRS”.
Invisible Repairs is just part of the day to day standard at Federation Tuckpointing®

If you’re not too concerned about the overall aesthetic, make sure you let us know as this will make the job considerably cheaper to fix.

Check out our gallery for some “Invisible Crack Repair” examples

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