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Building Repairs and Restoration Services

Rising Damp Repairs; Crack Repairs
Crack Stitching / Lintel replacements
Limestone Repairs / Paint Stripping
Chimney Repairs / Fireplace Repairs
Replica Mouldings; Pressure Washing

Federation Tuckpointing® is Perth’s #1 specialist in restoration!
We enhance the appearance, improve the integrity and increase the value of residential, commercial and community buildings.

Rising Damp Repairs

Rising Damp Repairs / Tuckpointing

Repaired and Tuckpointed

Signs of rising damp

Visible signs of rising damp

Damp is THE PRIMARY FACTOR for brickwork deterioration and for that reason, we always recommend installing a dampcourse membrane as part of our service.  If you want your property to look good for a longer period, this is the number one priority.

If your existing dampcourse is still intact, and there’s no signs of damp caused deterioration, there’s no need to replace it which can save you considerable dollars.

For more information and details on signs of rising damp, and what’s involved in installing a new one, we’ve dedicated a whole page to explain it as there’s quite a bit to know!
See: Services / Rising Damp Repairs or click here: More on Rising Damp

Crack Repairs  / Lintel Replacements

Cracked through render

Cracked through render

Rustel Lintel / Crack Repair

Rustel Lintel / Crack Repair

We do “Invisible Crack Repairs”:

As Federation Tuckpointing® tradesmen pride themselves on their work, we actually refer to this service as “INVISIBLE CRACK REPAIRS”.

If your concern is more structural than aesthetic, please do make sure you let us know as that can reduce the price on the quote considerably.

Our Crack Repairs service is extensive and we have a dedicated page to try to cover the information you may want to know.
See: Services / Crack Repairs or click here: More on Crack Repairs

Authorised Installers

FedTuck Authorised Installers

Crack Stitching

Federation Tuckpointing® are Authorised Installers of the Helifix Crack Stitching Systems

Click here for more information on Helifix – Link to Helifix website

Brick ties and metal rods are often used to give strength to brick structures.  When the metal rusts, this causes the surrounding brickwork to crack and become unstable.

Federation Tuckpointing®’s tradesmen have been trained by Helifix to skillfully use these methods of repair.

Limestone Repairs

Limestone decay

Limestone decay

New limestone always looks great, but despite it’s density, it too is subject to weathering and decay from exposure etc.
We can have yours restored and looking like new again.

If you’re not happy with the look and shape of your limestone blocks, we can even change the shape and effect of your limestone to suit your taste – ie. pillow face to straight cut, or vice versa.

We can even create limestone and carry through a feature from an existing area to a new area – such as an extension.

Check out the gallery for some examples!

Chimney Repairs



Access is the main factor involved with repairing chimneys and the safety of our tradesman is always a priority.

We must ensure safe working conditions and using scaffolding is a legal requirement that has to be factored in to pricing.

We include the scaffolding cost in our quote and work with you as closely as possible to ensure there’s no unnecessary additional charges due to lost time or needing additional time.

Fireplace Repairs


Fireplace in need …

If you’re stumped for what you can do with your fireplace, we can bring it back to life.

Even if your fireplace wasn’t tuckpointed originally, we can give the brickwork a make-over and make it a feature of your home.


Paint Stripping

Paint stripping and restoration services

Paint stripping and restoration services

If your home or building has been painted, it is possible to remove the paint and restore or repair the underlying brickwork as needed.  It’s impossible to know the state of the brickwork that’s underneath the paint and for that reason, we can only provide an indicative quote until the paint has been successfully removed.

We have found from experience that the best way to remove paint is by paint stripping.
We utilise the services of Sabre-Jet for all of our paint-stripping.  This is their business and they are the best in their business.

A second option is to grind off the paint.  This is a more damaging process so we recommend this option only for smaller areas.

Window Sills and Aprons

Replica Sill & Apron

Replica Sill & Apron

The perfect finish to any character home window, is a replica sill and hand-made apron. Any size and shape can be produced as Nigel can create a template and scale it to size.

If you are restoring your home to a former glory, sills and aprons are an integral aspect which add the finishing cherry on top

window-sill-before window-sill-after

Custom Moulds / Mouldings

Chimney mould worse for wear

Chimney mould worse for wear

Mouldings can create a big impact by perfectly topping off a feature.

Many older homes have ornate mouldings which we can replace, repair or duplicate, so as to keep the building in it’s original style.

New mouldings can also be created to suit your taste and enhance the features of your home.

moulding b moulding a

Pressure Washing

Sometimes, all that is needed to get things looking great again is a good old pressure wash.
Pressure Washing lifts surfaces of grime and dirt and an area which is clean is always much more pleasant to experience.

Pressure washing can occasionally reveal weaknesses in mortar also, and this provides an opportunity to catch any potential problem areas early.

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