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Tuckpointing adds character and street appeal to homes therefore increasing value for property owners.

brick before and after tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is what we’re famous for …. but what is it exactly?
Tuckpointing is an aesthetic brick finish which consists of a fine, raised line placed over the top of a darker base mortar, originally done in the 1900’s to disguise unevenly shaped bricks!
It can be applied to brick, limestone or render.

Brick Tuckpointing Restoration & Repairs

Tuckpointing repair

Tuckpointing repair in progress

In time, tuckpointing – like bricks and mortar – can deteriorate (like all of us!)
We can restore, repair, tie in new areas to old, make new look old, or even make old look new!
The Federation Tuckpointing® team are often described as artisans for their technical skills applied in this area.
We guarantee our tuckpointing to last for 10 years, and usually lasts much longer.
Damp is the main offender in shortening the lifespan of tuckpointing, which is why we usually recommend installing a dampcourse protective membrane.

See our Gallery for some examples.

Limestone Tuckpointing

Limestone tuckpointing is usually done with a black line to create a contrast from the base, but a white line is not uncommon.

limestone before and after tuckpointing


Rendered Tuckpointing

If your home has been rendered over, depending on what’s underneath, we can either fully restore it back to original condition or tuckpoint right over the top – giving your home a complete character makeover as seen in these 2 amazing examples!

Nig-house-b Nig-house-a

Before After

If your render is still solid, Rendered Tuckpointing provides a cost effective way to achieve a classic look in less time.
The alternative is to remove the render, repair the underlying bricks and mortar as needed, and then tuckpoint.
As this is a much longer process, it is a dearer alternative, but also provides a more natural and authentic end result. If you are restoring your property, this is definitely the best option for you!

Tuckpointing over Blueboard!

Tuckpointing can even be done over blueboard.
Blueboard is no enemy to our experienced, knowledgeable and skilled Federation Tuckpointing® tradesmen.

Blueboard Before / Tuckpionting After

Blueboard Before / Tuckpointing After

Tuckpointing options

Although we work from a standard colour “mix”, it is possible to do a test patch to ensure we achieve the result you’re after.
The base mortar can also be made in different colours giving you individual flexibility – as in this example:

test patches

test patches showing different colour “base” mortar


  • The old surface is removed by grinding off the existing tuckpointing.  The wall is then washed down to remove all dust.
  • Where there are deep joints, mortar is injected by using a caulking gun to create a “flush” joint, in order to achieve the required finish.
  • A darker base mortar is then applied and sponged over the original joints.
  • The walls are then marked with chalk to identify where the tuckpointing lines will be applied.
  • 2 strips of masking tape are applied to the walls in the centre of each joint and an epoxy white mortar is then applied with a trowel over the tape.
  • While the mortar is wet, the tape is removed to leave a perfect, thin stripe of 2-4mm depending on the job requirements.

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