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Enhance the Value of Your Property with Our Wall Alteration Services

Wall Alterations
Render Tuckpointing
Imitation Limestone
Windows Sills, Aprons & Custom Mouldings

If you love your location, but but your home’s floor plan is no longer working for you, you might be interested in our Wall Alterations services.

Believe it or not!  What a transformation.
This rendered home was given the full make-over, including:
Rendered tuckpointing, imitation limestone coining, the door was made taller, the single window separated into 2, with new window sills.

Wall alterations


Wall Alterations / Creating Character Charm








In case you still can’t quite picture it, here it is in stages:
Notice the consistent wooden meter box!

Wall Alterations / Creating Character Charm

Wall Alterations, Rendered Tuckpointing, Imitation Limestone

This rendered home was similarly completely transformed, with:
Rendered tuckpointing, window alteration, install of render bands, imitation limestone foundations, window sills and aprons

Wall Alterations / Creating Character Charm


Wall Alterations / Creating Character Charm







Same house, another angle

Wall Alrterations


Wall Alterations / Creating Character Charm



Windows Sills, Aprons & Custom Mouldings:

Custom Sill & Apron

Custom Sill & Apron

The perfect finish to any character home window, is a replica sill and hand-made apron. Any size and shape can be produced as Nigel can create a template and scale it to size.

If you are wanting to create some real character charm, custom sills and aprons are an easy inclusion which add the finishing cherry on top!



Wall Removal / Load Bearing walls removed / Remove Arches

It doesn’t have to be a “character home transformation” for us to service you.  We’re happy to remove any old wall – be it an arch, a dwarf wall or a structural load bearing wall.

Arch before "Arch" after

Adding a Bay Window

A bay window would have to be the icon of the character home.  If your home doesn’t have one, we can make you one.

Bay Window Before & After

New Bay Window

Doors & Windows

If your rooms are too pokey or you would like more light, there are many options available to you.

The work involved in this is far beyond that of a handyman, yet generally too small for your average builder to service.  As our tradesmen are skilled in such a diverse range of fields including bricklaying, rendering and carpentry, we are able provide any number of possible options to alter your walls!

If you’ve made a few changes to your original floor plan, you may find that the doorways are no longer optimum.

Whatever inspires you, we can do, so let us help you create the home you always imagined.

Remove Air-Conditioners

Old air-conditioning units not only look unattractive but can also “date” a home.

These can be removed and again, there are several options available to you.

The wall can be bricked in and plastered over so you’d never have known it was there.
Another option, if you’d like to let in more light, is to replace it with a window
or even glass  bricks as in this example.

air-conditioner-before air-conditioner-after

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